Gas Utility Industry


As the gas utilities continue to drive infrastructure investments fueled by the need to replace aging infrastructure, environmental pressures, and public safety concerns, they are continuing to face constant change and challenges - both from internal and external sources. Facing pressure from the consumer side, the gas utilities are beginning to adopt new technology to serve an increasingly sophisticated customer base who in turn are beginning to demand choices in energy sources such as solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy. Consumers are also demanding better control over their natural gas usage.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Complex Infrastructure Projects
  • Upgrade of Aging Pipe Infrastructure
  • Changing Regulatory and Compliance Framework
  • Constrained and Aging Workforce
  • Budget and Schedule Overruns

To supplement their internal expertise, extend their capabilities and stay ahead of market needs, utilities will need to enlist trusted external service providers for needed support and industry knowledge.

How can the Spear Group Assist Gas Utilities?

We can assist our clients to prioritize their investments, make project-related decisions, and add efficient, repeatable processes to virtually any area of their operations. Jointly with our sister company- Southern Cross, we are active in multiple projects in the leak detection, locate, cathodic protection, metering, and gas construction.

Our long history, experience and expertise in project and process management in the gas utility industry enables us to deliver results for our customers every single time. In this way, the Spear Group promotes a culture of continuous improvement as projects are completed and new programs are launched.

Services Include:

> Navigating Multiple Infrastructure Projects
> Construction Management and Inspection
> Contract Management and Administration
> Document Control Administration
> Permitting, Licenses and Right of Way Aquisition
> Project Controls and Engineering


"Natural Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel"

Fun Facts


68.5% of natural gas is used for heating industrial processes, homes, and businesses.


2.8% of natural gas is used in transportation.

Power Plants

2.8% of natural gas is used in transportation.

Underground Pipeline System

2.2 million miles, local distribution and 300K miles of transmission