Pharmaceuticals & BioTech Industry

To be successful in the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies must be able to bring products to the market safely, quickly and cheaply.  Any cost overruns or poor management of the product line can spell disaster for the company. The product development cycles are typically long and challenging – from research and development, intense regulatory compliance, lab tests to field trials – meaning that efficient project management of each stage is crucial.

Decision making can become complex with multiple teams operating simultaneously. The ability to identify any risks at an early stage can mean the difference between success or failure. Team communications, project cost controls, setting up of key processes, risk management, and mitigation plans, and many other best practices are necessary for a successful product launch.

How can the Spear Group Assist Pharmaceuticals?

To supplement their internal expertise, extend their capabilities and stay ahead of market needs, Pharmaceutical companies will need to enlist trusted external service providers for needed support and industry knowledge.

The Spear Group assists our clients to prioritize their investments, make project-related decisions, and add efficient, repeatable processes to virtually any area of their operations. We can assist in scope management, manage regulatory and compliance strategies, risk management, and many other aspects. Our long history, experience and expertise in project and process management in the pharmaceutical industry enables us to deliver results for our customers every single time. In this way, the Spear Group promotes a culture of continuous improvement as projects are completed and new programs are launched.

The Spear Group is a firm believer in integrating innovation and technology into everything it does. We use technology to drive capabilities and effectiveness. Our employees are constantly sharing innovative ideas, developing problem-solving skills, learning and applying new technology and integrating this into day-to-day tasks. It is with this mindset that we come and intentionally build lasting partnerships with our clients. In this respect, the Spear Group is leading the way in the industry with best practice project management and controls.

Services Include:

> Navigating Multiple Complex Projects
> Regulatory and Compliance Strategies
> Risk Management and Mitigation
> Contract Management and Administration
> Timeline and budget planning
> Document Control Administration
> Project Controls
> Managing multiple teams in a
   Matrix Environment