There are many businesses that claim to be the leader in a given field. With the Spear Group it’s not just a claim. For over 30 years, the Spear Group has lived and breathed consulting and project management across North America. Whether you are looking for a new role now or want to stay in touch until the time is right, the Spear Group can help. Discover what the Spear Group can do for you.


The Spear Group, Inc. and our PEO, Oasis Outsourcing, are Equal Opportunity Employers. All personnel actions are effected without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other protected status pursuant to law. As a responsible organization, we resolutely support the concept and practice of Equal Employment Opportunity. We uphold federal, state, and local civil rights laws and work to ensure that all of our personnel actions and policies are in compliance. Additionally, we recognize and value the importance and diversity of our work force and support its various cultures. The Companies are dedicated to fostering an environment that respects the dignity, rights and contributions of our employees.